A place where time stands still

When crossing Breiðafjördur Bay with the ferry Baldur from Stykkishólmur on Snæfellsnes Peninsula to Brjánslækur on Westfjords  there is a possibility to stop-off at the charming island of Flatey where time literally stands still. Most of Flatey´s houses are from the 19th century so strolling about gives one the impression of traveling back in time.

In a charming way, it feels very much like a movie set. And so it is. Many movies are set on the island, most notably The Honour of the House based on a short story by Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness, and White Night Wedding, a movie by Baltasar Kormákur. In fact, Baltasar’s father painted the unusual altar piece in the island’s church, making it worthy of a visit.

More information about Flatey Island can be found online on page 304 in the Iceland Road Guide book, see the right corner of this page.

Icelanders’ camping weekend

Monday, August 7th, is “a bank holiday” in Iceland and it´s the most popular camping weekend amongst Icelanders.

You can expect heavy traffic on the roads. All kinds of festivals are offered in almost every region of the country. The biggest festival will probably be in the Westman Island (Vestmannaeyjar). They are expecting 14.000 visitors, a little island with 4.000 inhabitants.

This photo was taken at the Flúðir Camp site in South Iceland yesterday.