Yoga in Þórsmörk near Eyjafjallajökull glacier

Iceland Road Guide was in Þórsmörk/Húsadalur in the weekend. There you find adventurous facilities in the exotic landscape … yoga, hot pots with geothermal water, sauna in a “herring-barrel”.

Nice to relax after a long hikes in the exotic. You can see Eyjafjallajökull glacier which erupted in 2010 just north of Þórsmörk.

Romantic Café at Rif in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Gamla Rif is a romantic cafe in the oldest house in Rif in Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

At Gamla Rif they offer quality fish-soup and bread, coffee from the Icelandic coffee roster Kaffitár and homemade cakes.

Rif, (pop. 160) a village which was once the most important fishing and trading centre on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is again gaining importance with the recent building of a new harbour and the resultant growth in the fishing industry.

In 1467 English buccaneers killed the local governor, Björn Þorleifsson, but his widow Ólöf took dreadful revenge. This supposedly included getting the King of Denmark to wage war on England, making her the only Icelander to be responsible for a war between nations.

Björnssteinn, the stone where Björn was slain, can still be seen. Near by there is a monument with information about the landing place at Rif which was used by fishermen in medieval times.