Akureyri Town Festival

Akureyri Town Festival is held on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August on the occasion of Akureyri´s birthday on the 29th of August. The opening ceremony will be on Friday evening at the Botanical Garden with Latin atmosphere all around. The weather forecast for the weekend is not to good in the Northern part of the country so it is better to have your raincoat on.

The theme Akureyri Town Festival this year is multiculturalism as people from more then sixty ethnicities live in Akureyri. Program is on the webpage visitakureyri.is.

The photo by Auðunn Nílesson is from last years festival.

Bad weather forecast for the weekend in Northern Iceland

Wind, rain and snow in the highlands. Special attention is given to bad weather forecast for Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August. High wind is expected with rain on lowland but with sleet and snow on higher ground, especially in the North. It is not possible yet to predict the actual path of the low-pressure and hence it is not possible to say which area of the country will be most affected.

Readers are encouraged to check the updated text forecast regularly.

Reykjavík Culture Night

Reykjavík Culture Night will be held for the eighteenth time this year on 24th August. The event, which is both created and enjoyed by city residents, takes place all across Reykjavík with celebrations in city streets and squares, in museums, businesses and even in residential gardens! The event’s slogan “come on in!” is a reference to those good old fashioned customs of hospitality.

The main objective of Culture Night is to encourage participants to deliver a diverse and rich offering of cultural events with a taste of something for everyone and a few surprises too!

With over 100.000 guests and 600 events, Culture Night is the biggest and most popular festival in Iceland.The program offers a cross-section of all things culture, with a host of events ranging from musical performances to exhibitions of art and architecture, all delivered by the city’s budding talent.

The photo is from last year Culture Night.

Met Office warns about possible natural hazard in river Skaftá

An outburst flood is expected in the Skaftá river, which drains from western Vatnajökull. The timing of the flood is unknown but it could occur within days to several weeks. Here is an outline of the hazards that are likely to occur during the course of the flood.

Possible hazards

1. Flood conditions are possible in Skaftá. Some flooding of unpaved roads close to Skaftá is possible.

2. The flood could drain partly from Síðujökull, which would cause flooding in Hverfisfljót, particularly at the bridge over Highway 1.

3. Hydrogen sulphide would be released from the floodwater as it drained from the Vatnajökull ice-cap. The gas is particularly potent at the ice margin, where concentrations will reach poisonous levels. If flood occurs, travellers must stay away from the edge of Skaftárjökull, Tungnaárjökull and Síðujökull.

4.Crevasses will develop rapidly around the ice cauldron, so travellers on Vatnajökull should stay away from the region, including the lower part of Skaftárjökull and Tungnárjökull, where floodwater could burst through the surface.

The Met Office monitors the situation in the area carefully to be able to give some notice of when the glacier burst occurs.

Búðir near Snæfellsnes glacier

Búðir is on the shore southeast of the Snæfellsnes glacier. The shoreline is rocky and very spectacular in its beauty.
There is að nice hotel, Hótel Búðir. The hotel sits in a lava field, due to the hotel´s location, guests have an impressive view of the breathtaking Snæfellsjökull glacier.

On page 245 in the Iceland Road Guide Book you can read more about Búðir and the beautiful surroundings for exampe: “Búðir, an old anchorage, later a trading centre. The 19th century church is unusual, not only in its setting, but also because it was raised by a woman who did not have the support of the church authorities, but special permission from the king in Denmark. This can be seen on a ring on the church door.”

The photo is of the old church at Búðir with the Snæfellsnes glacier in the background.