Christmas decorations in Akureyri

Icelanders decorate their houses for Christmas with colourful ligts to brighten the darkness. They start decorating by the end of November and usually a big Christmas tree is lit up in the centre of every town and willage with a big ceremony on a Saturday or a Sunday, four weeks before Christmas. That´s the starting of the Christmas preparation.

Akureyri in the north is a lovely town to visit in December. Walking around the town enjoying the colourful Cristmas decorations, listening to Christmas carols, hot chocolate and candlelight. Cosy atmosphere.

On the webpage you can find more information about Akureyri.

Winter Photo from Reyðarfjörður East Iceland

Reyðarfjörður is the longest and widest of Iceland’s eastern fjords; more than 30 km. long. Norwegians used to operate whaling stations along the fjord and fishing was frequented along the coastline.

During World War II, Reyðarfjörður was occupied by British forces. The remains of the occupation are fairly visible, ranging from an airport and old barracks to small gun shelters. In 1995 a War Time Museum was founded in an empty Freezing Plant and now extends to some of the old barracks. An interesting museum in a country that was never at war.

In January 1942 a platoon of British soldiers on
winter exercises were caught in a very bad blizzard on the mountain
above Eskifjörður.
The family at Veturhús farm rescued and housed 48 of
them but unfortunately another nine

Hvalsnes Church near Keflavík Airport

Hvalsnes, (“Whale point”) a church, formerly also a farm. The present
church building built of hewn stone in 1887. Hallgrímur Pétursson
(1614-74), the author of the Passion Hymns, served there before moving
to Saurbær in Hvalfjörður.
The church Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík is
named after him.

Hvalsnes Church is only a few km away from Keflavík Airport.

This photo of the church comes from Reykjanes Marketing Office.