The Winter Light Festival in Reykjavík

Those long winter days of darkness in Reykjavík are set to be illuminated magnificently at the city’s annual Winter Lights Festival to be held on Feb. 6-15.

The main objective of the festival is to illuminate the dramatic darkness of winter with a collection of sparkling events, which both celebrate and emphasize the beauty of Reykjavík City.

To accentuate further the extraordinary contrasts of light presented during winter, a number of quality light-art installations will be exhibited, illuminating spectacularly some of the city’s most prominent buildings and public spaces, consequently enabling festival guests to experience the city from a new and exciting perspective.

Core events of the upcoming Winter Lights Festival include a number of selected light-art commissions together with our popular theme nights: Museum Night and Pool Night

For further information see their webpage This photo by Ragnar Th Sigurðsson is from the Winter Light Festival last year.

Prepare to be amazed by the dramatic interplay of darkness and light at the Winter Lights Festival 2014!

Winter Sports festival Éljagangur (Blizzard) in Akureyri

The annual Winter Sports festival Éljagangur (Blizzard) will be celebrated in the North-Icelandic town of Akureyri on February 13th-16th 2014, the fourth year in a row.
The festival is packed with interesting events related to Winter Sports; competitions, tours, excursions and courses, along with cultural events such as concerts and art exhibitions.

With Akureyri being renowned for its winter activity facilities, all the major tour operators in town will join the festival with organized winter sports tours, showing the variety in winter recreation. Skiing, snowboarding, horseriding, icecross, snowcats and snowmobiles, cross country skiing, heliskiing, and other activities as well as northern lights will be in focus during the festival.

The Festival is very enjoyable for those who wish to have a good time in the fresh air of North Iceland, those who want to take courses and get in with the action, and those who want to stand by and watch the amazing snowmobile races or snowboarding geniuses show their skills.

The festival is organised by; Visit Akureyri – Cultural & Marketing Office, The Winter Sports Centre of Iceland, KKA – Akureyri Motorcycle Association, Hlidarfjall Mountain Resort and Blek Advertising Agency.

Further information can be found on the web

Icy Gullfoss Waterfall í January

Gullfoss, (“Golden falls”) in the river Hvítá, one of the most beautiful
waterfalls in Iceland
and a favourite with tourists.

It falls 32 m
in two cascades.
The canyon below the falls is 2,500 m long and
70 m deep, a magnificent sight.

Gullfoss is state property. A tourist
store is located near the falls.

This beautiful photo of Gullfoss was taken now in January.

Skiing in Iceland in the new year

Skiing is quite popular in Iceland, exspceially in the Ísafjörður area in the Westfjords (see photo), in the northern part of the country and in Seyðisfjörður and Oddsskarð in the East.

The ski areas of Bláfjöll and Skálafell are both only 25 minutes drive away from Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. Bláfjöll is south west of the city and Skálafell east of the city. Both areas have great ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding as well as tracks for cross-country skiing. Bláfjöll has 16 lifts. Skálafell has 4 lifts. For more information about Bláfjöll and Skálafell see webpage

Bláfjöll ski resort is popular with tourists as well as Icelanders and is especially known for its spectacular views and varied landscapes. Bláfjöll ski area is open when snow and weather permit. Buses depart from Mjódd Bus Terminal when Bláfjöll ski resort is open.