Place of the week – Ósvör near Ísafjörður

Ósvör is replica of an old Icelandic fishing station, from the19th century.

On display are the rowing boat Ölver, a salt house and a drying shed.

In the museum are also for display all kinds of fishing equipment and various tools that were used for fishing and fish production in the time of the fishing base.

Ósvör is in the Westfjords, west of the town Ísafjörður, by road 61.

Place of the week – The Secret Lagoon in Flúðir

The Secret Lagoon natural pool is located in the village of Fludir in the Golden Circle area.

The historical surroundings have been kept natural and simple for a unique and authentic experience. The pool is surrounded by several hot springs, among them a little geysir erupting every 10 minutes or so, providing the pool with fresh warm water, maintaining a temprature of 38-40 °C throughout the year.

In the winter the nothern lights can often be seen in the area and what better way to experience the lightshow than relaxing in the warm water surrounded by the steam from the earth?

The Lagoon offers brand new facilities next the hot spring with showers, bar and eating area. For further information see their homepage

Place of the week – Staupasteinn in Hvalfjörður

Staupasteinn a goblet-shaped rock and popular resting place for tourists. Close to Hvammsvik on the old national road around Whale Fjord, West Iceland. By road 47.

An elf by the name of Staupa-Steinn has his home in this rock. Not everyone can see him. He is described as having long hair, a beard and being a kind, gentle man who loves to play ball with children who are picnicking in the area.

Beautiful view. Protected since 1974.

Place of the week – Rauðanes in East Iceland

Rauðanes, fairly long peninsula with steep cliffs east of the mountain
Viðarfjall, in Þistilfjörður by road 85.

Many seabird nest there, and there are some picturesque pinnacle
rocks, Stakkar, in the sea.

The end of the peninsula has broken
away and is called Stakkatorfa. There are caves under it, accessible by
small boats in good weather.
There are also caves in the cliffs.

An area of
natural beauty well worth seeing with 7 km marked walking paths.