Place of the week – Vatnajökull Glacier

Due to possible volcanic eruption large area north of Vatnajökull glacier is closed and the road to Dettifoss waterfall (see photo) on the west side is also closed due to this possible flooding.

Dettifoss is the greatest and most majestic of Iceland’s waterfalls, 44 m high with the average volume of 212 tons per second, so the ground shakes with the force of it. Thought to be the most powerful falls in Europe.

This magnificent natural feature has inspired many poets.

Place of the week – Shark Museum at Bjarnarhöfn

The Shark Museum ar Bjarnarhöfn is located on the northern side of Snaefellsnes Peninsula, by road 54.

Shark fishing and the production of shark meat has been a part of the family at Bjarnarhöfn for generations. It has long been a vital part of of the lives and the economic lifeline for the family.

Guests are invited to take a personally guided tour of the museum and will see the preparation of shark meat first hand when their guide accompanies them to the drying house. Shark meat (hákarl) and dried fish (harðfiskur) may be purchased at the museum.

Sample a taste while you’re there – you know you want to!