Winter festival “Éljagangur” / Blizzard in Akureyri

The annual winter festival Éljagangur/BLizzard in Akureyri, Capital of North Iceland, has been taking place in the beginning of February each year but in 2015 it will be held in March as a part of The Iceland Winter Games.

The Iceland Winter Games 2015 will be held 6th -14th March. With the biggest events taking place on the 11th-14th of March 2015.

All kinds of winter sports, Mountain hiking, Cross-country skiing, snow-boarding, downhill skiing, snow scooters, super jeeps, exhibition on new equipment related to winter sports, concerts and much, much more.

Places of the week – Skiing in Iceland

Skiing is quite popular in Iceland, exspceially in the Ísafjörður area in the Westfjords (see photo), Akureyri, Sauðárkókur and Siglufjörður in the North and in Seyðisfjörður and Oddsskarð in the East.

The ski areas of Bláfjöll and Skálafell are both only 25 minutes drive away from Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. Bláfjöll is south west of the city and Skálafell east of the city. Both areas have great ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding as well as tracks for cross-country skiing. Bláfjöll has 16 lifts. Skálafell has 4 lifts. For more information about Bláfjöll and Skálafell see webpage

Bláfjöll ski resort is popular with tourists as well as Icelanders and is especially known for its spectacular views and varied landscapes. Bláfjöll ski area is open when snow and weather permit. Buses depart from Mjódd Bus Terminal when Bláfjöll ski resort is open.