Book of the week – Iceland Road Guide

Insteaed of Place of the week we have a Book of the week because the new edition of Iceland Road Guide is now available. The book has been on the market since 1975 when just about 76 thousand tourists visited Iceland, last year we had almost 1 million visitors!

Iceland Road Guide is your key to Iceland. The book covers Iceland’s entire road system plus the geography, culture and history. There are articles about our food, geothermal pools, lava caves ans Iceland´s hidden world.

By scanning a QR code in the book you can enjoy listening to Icelandic Folk Legends on your phone.

The book also contains a 24 detailed maps in the scale 1:500 with important tourist information such as accommodations, swimming pools, natural baths, museums, filling stations etc.

The Iceland Road Guide book is available in bookstores and in many N1 Filling stations.

Place of the week – Langjökull Glacier

Langjökull is Europe’s second largest glacier.

In a few days, now in June, a man – made ice tunnels and caves will formally open in Langjökull.

Inside the ice cave you will be able to view ice which has taken hundreds of years to develop. As you walk further along the tunnel, the ice gets older and the colour changes from white to deep-blue. The led lighted walls inside the tunnels are sheer-carved and you will find interior chambers containing exhibitions, a cafe and a small chapel.

It´s really Ice-cool to go inside the glacier!!

Place of the week – Glaumbær in Skagafjörðu North Iceland

The turfhouse at Glaumbær in Skagafjörður (road 75) is the place of this week.

The farmhouse is built of turf, stones and timber. Turf houses similar to this were built all over Iceland for centuries.

Between 1879 and 1939, the farmhouse at Glaumbær remained unchanged; it was repaired and declared a conserved site in 1947, the year the last inhabitants moved out.

Glaumbær is now a part of the Skagafjörður Folk Museum.

Visit to the museum give you a glimpse of the life of Icelanders in last century.

Map of the week – Iceland Road Guide Map with App

Instead of Place of the week we will now have Map of the week – Map with App. We are proud to announce our new Map and now with the Iceland Road Guide book in an App.

Some unique features of the map are explanation of Icleandic place names – night & daylight scheme – list of volcanic eruptions from the year 1700 – 2014 – photos and information for 34 tourist atractions around the country in addition to important tourist information such as accommodation – camping sites – museums – filling stations – swimming pools – natural baths – boat tours etc.

In the Iceland Road Guide App you will find more than 3000 places and thousands of services around the country, places with information and pictures, map browser and much much more.

Iceland Road Guide Map is now available in six languages, English, German and French with yellow cover and Spanish, Chinese and Icelandic with blue cover.

The App is available in three languages, English, German and Icelandic.

Map with App is available in bookstores, most tourist information centres and fillingstations.

Map with App – a splendid travel companion in Iceland.