Place of the week – The Secret Lagoon at Flúðir

The Secret Lagoon natural pool is located in the village of Flúðir in the Golden Circle area.

The historical surroundings have been kept natural and simple for a unique and authentic experience. The pool is surrounded by several hot springs, among them a little geysir erupting every 10 minutes or so, providing the pool with fresh warm water, maintaining a temprature of 38-40 °C throughout the year.

The Lagoon offers brand new facilities next the hot spring with showers, bar and eating area. For further information see their homepage

Place of the week – Laxdalshús in Akureyri

Place of the week this time is Laxdalshús in Akureyri. The house was built in 1795 and is the oldest house in Akureyri, the capital of the North.

Laxdalshús was primarily used as residential and commercial premises. In 1927 it became the first headquarters for the district archives and town library.

Laxdalshús became a protected building in 1978 and was reopened 1984 after extensive renovation. Since then various activities have been in the house.