Boys of the week – The Icelandic Football Team

We are a proud Nation, proud of our boys they won England 2 – 1 in EM in Nice in France.

Half of the Nation is heading for Paris where our boys will play against France on Sunday, July the 2nd.

A new president Guðni Jóhannesson was elected on Saturday, om Monday he was in Nice watching the game with the proud fans.

Place of the week – Bessastaðir, Recidence of the President of Iceland

Bessastaðir, official residence of the President of Iceland. First mention of Bessastaðir is in Íslendinga saga (The Saga of the Icelanders); the place then belonged to the famous write Snorri Sturluson.

Later it became the first royal estate in Iceland, being in the possession of the King of Norway.

Since 1941 it has been the official residence of the President of the Republic: Sveinn Björnsson lived there from 1941 to 1952, first as governor then as president from 1944), Ás­geir Ás­geirs­son 1952 – 68, Krist­ján Eld­járn 1968 – 80, Vig­dís Finn­boga­dóttir 1980 – 1996 and Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson from 1996.

On June the 25th Icelanders will elect a new president, nine candidates are running for the precidency.