Place of the week – Reyðarfjörður in East Iceland

Reyðarfjörður is the longest and widest of Iceland’s eastern fjords; more than 30 km. long. Norwegians used to operate whaling stations along the fjord and fishing was frequented along the coastline.

During World War II, Reyðarfjörður was occupied by British forces. The remains of the occupation are fairly visible, ranging from an airport to old barracks. In 1995 a War Time Museum was founded in an empty Freezing Plant extending to some of the old barracks. An interesting museum in a country that was never at war.

In January 1942 a platoon of British soldiers on
winter exercises were caught in a very bad blizzard on the mountain
above Eskifjörður.
The family at Veturhús farm rescued and housed 48 of
them but unfortunately another nineperished.

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